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List of Submarines Q - Z

List of Submarines Q - Z

USS Queenfish SSN-651

USS Queenfish SS-393

USS Quillback SS-424

USS Rasher SS-269

USS Raton SS-270

USS Ray SSN-653

USS Ray SS-271

USS Razorback SS-394

USS Redfin SS-272

USS Redfish SS-395

USS Remora SS-487

USS Requin SS-481

USS Rhode Island SSBN-740

USS Richard B. Russell SSN-687

USS Robalo SS-273

USS Robert E. Lee SSBN-601

USS Rock SS-274

USS Roncador SS-301

USS Ronquil SS-396

USS Runner SS-275

USS Runner SS-476

USS Sabalo SS-302

USS Sablefish SS-303

USS Sailfish SS-192

USS Sailfish SS-572

USS Salmon SS-180

USS Salmon SS-182

USS Salmon SS-573

USS Salt Lake City SSN-716

USS Sam Houston SSBN-609

USS Sam Rayburn SSBN-635

USS San Fransisco SSN-711

USS San Juan SSN-751

USS Sand Lance SSN-660

USS Sand Lance SS-381

USS Sante Fe SSN-763

USS Sarda SS-488

USS Sargo SS-188

USS Sargo SSN-583

USS Saury SS - 189

USS Sawfish SS-276

USS Scabbardfish SS-397

USSS Scamp SSN-588

USS Scamp SS-277

USS Scorpion SSN-589

USS Scorpion SS-278

USS Scranton SSN-756

USS Sculpin SS-191

USS Sculpin SSN-590

USS Sea Cat SS-399

USS Sea Devil SSN-664

USS Sea Devil SS-400

USS Sea Dog SS-401

USS Sea Fox SS-402

USS Sea Leopard SS-483

USS Sealion SS-315

USS Sea Owl SS-405

USS Sea Poacher SS-406

USS Sea Robin SS-407

USS Seadragon SS-194

USS Seadragon SSN-584

USS Seahorse SSN-669

USS Seahorse SS-304

USS Seal SS-183

USS Sealion SS-195

USS Searaven SS-196

USS Seawolf SS-197

USS Seawolf SSN-21

USS Seawolf SSN-575

USS Segundo SS-398

USS Sennet SS-408

USS Shad SS-235

USS Shark SSN-591

USS Shark SS-174

USS Shark SS-314

USS Silversides SSN-679

USS Silversides SS-236

USS Simon Bolivar SSBN-641

USS Sirago SS-485

USS Skate SSN-578

USS Skate SS-305

USS Skipjack SS-184

USS Skipjack SSN-585

USS Snapper SS-185

USS Snook SSN-592

USS Snook SS-279

USS Spadefish SSN-668

USS Spadefish SS-411

USS Spearfish SS-190

USS Spikefish SS-404

USS Spinax SS-489

USS Spot SS-413

USS Springer SS-414

USS Springfield SS-414

USS Springfield SSN-761

USS Squalus SS-192

USS Steelhead SS-280

USS Sterlet SS-392

USS Stickleback SS-415

USS Stingray SS-186

USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN-634

USS Sturgeon SS-187

USS Sturgeon SSN-637

USS Sunfish SSN-649

USS Sunfish SS-281

USS Swordfish SS-193

USS Swordfish SSN-579

USS Tambor SS-198

USS Tang SS-306

USS Tang SS-563

USS Tarpon SS-175

USS Tautog SS-199

USS Tautog SSN-639

USS Tecumseh SSBN-628

USS Tench SS-417

USS Tennessee SSBN-734

USS Texas SSN-775

USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN-600

USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610

USS Thomas Jefferson SSBN-618

USS Thornback SS-418

USS Threadfin SS-410

USS Thresher SS-200

USS Thresher SSN-593

USS Tigrone SS-419

USS Tilefish SS-307

USS Tinosa SSN-606

USS Tinosa SS-283

USS Tirante SS-420

USS Tiru SS-416

USS Toledo SSN-769

USS Topeka SSN-754

USS Toro SS-422

USS Torsk SS-423

USS Trepang SSN-674

USS Trepang SS-412

USS Trigger SS-237

USS Trigger SS-564

USS Triton SS-201

USS Triton SSN-586

USS Trout SS-202

USS Trout SS-566

USS Trumpetfish SS-425

USS Trutta SS-421

USS Tucson SSN-770

USS Tullibee SSN-597

USS Tullibee SS-284

USS Tuna SS-203

USS Tunny SSN-682

USS Tunny SS-282

USS Tusk SS-426

USS Ulysses S. Grant SSBN-631

USS Virginia SSN-774

USS Volador SS-490

USS Von Steuben SSBN-632

USS Wahoo SS-238

USS Wahoo SS-565

USS West Virginia SSBN-736

USS Whale SSN-638

USS Whale SS-239

USS Will Rogers SSBN-659

USS William H. Bates SSN-680

USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624

USS Wyoming SSBN-742

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