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1st Armored Division

1st Armored DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a large selection of items for the 1st Armored Division. The division was officially formed in 1940 as the world was being enveloped by war. The division first saw combat in North Africa in Operation Torch in November 1942. The division fought in North Africa for 6 months until the German Forces surrendered on May 13, 1943. The division stayed in North Africa until October when it was moved to Naples, Italy. The 1st Armored Division fought in the Italian Campaign throughout 1944 and 1945 until German forces in Italy surrendered in May 1945. After the war the division moved the Germany and served in an occupational role until April 1946 when it was returned to the USA and deactivated. The 1st Armored Division was reactivated in 1951 and stationed Fort Hood. The division was moved to Fort Polk and Fort Hood and then to Germany in 1971. The division was stationed in Germany for 20 during the height of the Cold War. With the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990 the division was moved to Saudi Arabia in Operation Desert Shield and then participated in ground attack of Operation Desert Storm. The division was one of the four heavy divisions of VII Corps and had the task of attacking the Iraqi Republican Guard. The 1st Armored Division returned to Iraq in 2003 in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The division was one of the four divisions that participated in the initial attack on Iraq. The division has deployed to Iraqi many times as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has also deployed to Afghanistan in part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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