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Challenge CoinsPriorService is proud to offer the largest selection of challenge coins on the web. They have been around for decades but have become extremely popular in the last decade or so and are now the hot collector item. Our selection spans every all branches of service, veteran, POW*MIA, spiritual, religious military awards and badges. Not only do we offer the coins themselves, but also because they are such a hot collector item we offer wood display cases and acrylic individual holders to properly show off you items. We use several different manufacturers who have government contracts and the quality of our coins is unparalleled.

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There are several stories of the history of Challenge Coins.

One is that coins first appeared in World War I and were given to airman as mementos of their service. One shot down airman was captured as POW and stripped of all of this identification and personal belongings but managed to keep his hidden in a pouch around his neck. He escaped his prison camp and eventually made his way through no-mans land into a French unit. The French had experienced German infiltrations and suspected this man with no identification was an infiltrator and prepared to execute him immediately. The only item this airman had on his was his coin that he showed his French captors and was lucky enough that it was recognized by one and his execution was stayed.

Another is that service members first used the coins in Vietnam as a lucky memento. Many soldiers carried a lucky piece or ammunition or shrapnel that was important to them but this was practice was soon banned and soldiers instead started carrying coins emblazoned with their unit crest or something similar. A common practice in Vietnam while at a bar was to place your coin on the bar and “challenge” everyone else to produce their own. Those without had to by drinks for everyone with a coin. Make sure to get yours so you won’t have to buy a round of beers the next time your down at the bar.

Because of this history, it is no surprise that PriorService offers a huge selection of Vietnam Veteran Coins. We also offer a large selection from other Wars and Operations as well as coins for medals and awards. Our huge selection of Army versions includes many units, ranks and bases. Our selection of POW*MIA style is very popular and a proceed from each goes to the POW*MIA association. Our coins typically range from 38 to 45 mm and are of the highest quality.