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Military Medals & Ribbons

Military Medals & RibbonsPriorService offers a complete selection of medals, ribbons, mini-medal hat pins, lapel pins, and attachments for all branches of service. All of these items are made to by the same manufacturers that supply the US military and are made to conform to military specifications. These items are great for those who need to replace either original medals, those needing extras and are perfect for making shadow boxes.

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Military Medals and Ribbons Selection

Our ribbon selection offers a majority of ribbons issued by the US Military. We offer the Bronze Star, Army Commendation, Purple Heart, World War II Victory, Vietnam Service as well as many hard to find ribbons. For those wanting to mount these ribbons, don’t forget to get a ribbon bar holder to properly mount your ribbons.

Our full size medals are made of the highest quality and are made to the exact specifications of official ones. As with the originals, these medals are individually mounted with pin though backings. These medals can be easily mounted in shadow boxes, onto uniforms and onto other items.

Be sure to check out our attachments section. We have Bronze Star, Silver Star, Bronze Oak Leaf, Fleet Marine Devices and many more. Our selection of display cases is also great for those making shadow boxes. We offer three different colors and three different sizes. These display cases feature Latch N Lock system that allows you to position documents, photos, awards, medals, patches and more with out matting or adhesive. These display cases come in an Oak case.