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PriorService has tried to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. We have created individual web pages for US Army Division and list every item we offer for these units. These pages allow easy one stop shopping for soldiers who served with individual Army Divisions.

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Divisions - Rangers, Airborne, Calvary, Special Forces, Infantry, Armored Division or by Brigade items Shopping Gear

We offer items for every Army Division to serve since World War II. For many of the Divisions active only during World War II, PriorService is the only website which offers ball caps, pins and patches. The size of the service has changed dramatically over time for a high of over 100 Divisions during World War II to the only 10 Divisions currently active. PriorService has a unit page for each of them with an assortment of items available.

These Division web pages include a huge selection of unit items including hats, patches, pins, decals, dog tags, challenge coins, flags, football jerseys, license plates, license plate frames, Christmas ornaments, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. Some of our larger pages such as the 101st Airborne Division include a huge selection of items specific to war and conflicts the group fought in. Our 101st Airborne web page has 101st items for World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.