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PriorService is trying to make it easier for our customers to find everything they need. Our shop by branch section is a place where you can search our extensive online catalog and find a huge selection of items which would be great for you specific needs. This page allows you to search for all the branches of service as well as get deeper into you branch and search for unit and specialties.

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For example, if you served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 you can search our list of ships broken down by ship type. Our USS Ronald Reagan section lists all of the exciting items we offer for great ship. We offer many items such as patches, coins, decals, baseball caps and a wide array of custom items available for CVN-76.

We have arranged this page so a member of the 101st Airborne Division can go into our unit section and find items specific to you 101st Airborne or go into our Airborne section and see all of our great airborne and paratrooper items. Our 101st Airborne page is one of our biggest with a huge selection of items. We offer pins, caps, decals, shirts, sweatshirts, patches, hitch covers, challenge coins and much more.

We have tried to make searching our site as easy as possible with this section but if there is something you canít find please call us at 877-241-8611 or email us at and we will try and find that item for you.