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Shop for Air Force Items by Air Force and CommandPriorService is proud to offer a nice selection of items for United States Air Force Commands and Air Forces. Our selection includes baseball hats, lapel pins, decals, patches, patches, shirts and more. We also offer items specific to US Air Forces in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We offer items for every Air Force to serve from World War II to the present day including all those from the 1st Air Force to the 23rd Air Force. This web pages conveniently organizes these items by Air Force unit for easy searching and shopping.

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USAF Command Baseball Hats, Lapel Pins, Decals, Patches, Shirts

PriorService also offer a large selection of items for United States Air Force Commands. We offer items for Strategic Air Command, Air Combat, Air Mobility, Air Force Reserve, Tactical Air, Air Training, Air Force Systems, Pacific Air Forces, Alaskan Air, Air Force Intelligence Agency, Aerospace Defense, Military Airlift, Air Intelligence, USAF in Europe, Space, Air Force Communications, Electronic Security and more.

PriorService also offers a selection of items for the US Army Air Corps. The United States Air Force was created in 1947 and itís proud history started with the US Army Air Corps. The US Army Air Corps took the fight to the Germans, Japanese and Italians in Europe, North Africa, Pacific and the China-Burma-India theaters. PriorService offers a very popular golf shirt embroidered with the US Army Air Corps logo. We also offer a US Army Air Corps baseball cap, patch and pin.