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ACU and ABU Uniforms

ACU and ABU UniformsIf you are looking for ACU hats, parkas, trousers or shirts, is your one stop shop for all the ACU attire you need. We offer our clothing and gear in all sizes, so finding your size is quick and easy. The long serving BDU (battle dress utilities) are out and the new Army ACU (Army Combat Uniform) are in. We currently offer the ACU Trousers, Coat, Parka, Patrol Cap, Patches and more. These items are made by the same company that provides to the Army directly and are made to Army specifications and are of the highest quality. Our trousers, coat, patrol cap and parka have NIR technology and are approved for military operations.

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Military ACU / ABU uniforms, Jackets, Hats, Trousers, Coats and More

Our line of ACU patches is an extensive and included most active duty unit who wear the new Army Combat Uniforms. All of our matching patches come with hook and loop backings for easy application onto the uniforms. PriorService also offer the full line of Army rank insignia that easily apply to these uniforms. In this section you will also find the US Army direct embroidered tab for the ACU uniform. We also offer Army Subdued badges that go on these uniforms. These subdued badges are all black and come with pin backing for easy mounting on your uniform.

PriorService also provides a line of boonie caps that are sewn to military specification and are of the highest quality. We offer these boonie caps in many colors schemes including Army Combat Uniform, Olive Drab, Black, Desert Camo, Urban Camo and more. You will also find our line of Belleville Boots that are of the highest quality and are ACU approved.