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US Marine Corps Custom Embroidered Cap with Service Ribbons

Type of Cap:
Letters Across Top of Cap:
Insignia In Center:
Lettering to Left of Center Emblem:
Lettering to Right of Center Emblem:
Ribbon #1:
Ribbon #2:
Ribbon #3:
Ribbon #4:
Ribbon #5:
Ribbon #6:
Embroidery on Left Side of Cap:
Enter Lettering for Left Side:
Embroidery on Right Side of Cap:
Enter Lettering for Right Side:
Embroidery on Back of Cap 2 Lines:
Enter Lettering for Back of Cap Line 1:
Enter Lettering for Back of Cap Line 2:
Do you want scrambled eggs on the visor?:


Now you can have a US Marine Corps Ball cap exactly how you want it. Have your Unit, Rank, or Specialty Badge directly embroidered on the front of the cap along with lettering above and below the center insignia. Limited lettering can be placed on the left and right side the insignia. Up 6 Service Ribbons can be embroidered below the center insignia for an additional cost of $3.00 per ribbon.

These caps are MADE IN THE USA and are of the highest quality. The sizing and spacing of the lettering and artwork is at the complete discretion of the embroiderer. He has been making these custom items for over 10 years and his judgment is final. These items are custom made and CANNOT BE RETURNED/EXCHANGED. These caps and shirts are usually shipped in 3-5 weeks.