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US Army MOS Custom Embroidered Caps

Product ID: moscustomcaps
Branch Insignia:
MOS Description:
Style of Cap:
Embroidery on Left Side of Cap:
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Embroidery on Right Side of Cap:
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Enjoy these custom embroidered U.S. Army MOS Caps.These caps are directly embroidered with "U.S. Army" in the top line and the Branch insignia in the middle of the cap and finally your MOS description on the bottom line.

You have your choice of a black High or Low Profile cap in either a Poly Nylon or Wool Poly Blend Caps. Don't be mistaken these are not patches on caps and they aren't printed on cheap versions of imported caps, they are directly embroidered onto High Quality caps. High Profile means the cap is 5x panel and stands up tall in the front. Low Profile means the cap is a 6x panel and is more rounded to the scalp.

The item is custom cap and usually ships in about 2-4 weeks and cannot be returned/exchanged.