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Would like to have our upcoming Reunion listed for more Navy and Marine Veterans whom served on board the old girl. Will Need the following from each whom may wish to attend. So as to be able to compensate for food, drinks and etc. Along with other needed information for permission to enter Base, and I, as Reunion Coordinator/Moderator, can keep in touch and keep updated. 1)Name. - Rank - Rate - Branch 2)Time on Board - ex.(1981-1984) 3)Postal address - 4) e-mail address - 5) Telephone Number to be reached at and best time to call, if need be. 6)How many will be attending 2019. Reunion. ***ALL INFO. WILL BE HELD SECRET IN ALL CONFIDENCE.*** 6)Reunion Dues are $40 per vet. (Immediate family members: FREE) 7)Reunion T-shirts are: $13 - Small > X-Large $15 - XXL & XXXL My name: Chris Bufford, BT3 (P.I.C.) My e-mail address: The Reunion is to be held on the 4th of July Weekend...on the [6th of JULY] at a "Family Friendly" Park in Portsmouth. Just about 20 mins. from Base.

Will be up to each individual as to where they will stay Some desire 4-Star Hotels while some of us a 1 or 2-Star would be just fine. And All NEED to call and make Motel Reservations Quickly!!!! Rooms are going fast for that weekend!!!!!! The point is that we have another chance to get in contact with those brothers which we've wondered about for all those years gone by. So DON'T let another chance pass you'll never forget or forgive yourself if you do! See 'ya there!!!!