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US Army Special Forces Caps

US Army Special Forces CapsEnjoy a US Army Special Forces cap that is a five panel, full back (not mesh) and fully adjustable embroidered with various Special Forces Units names and patches.

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SF Hats - Veterans, SOG, Vietnam

Swap out your Green Beret for one our US Army Special Forces hats. Hats range from the 5-panel to the 6-panel design, and come in black, khaki, and camouflage. Each choice is fully adjustable, so you can have a hat that fits perfectly. Our simpler designs consist of a black hat with the Special Forces Emblem embroidered in light gray. For an option that stands out more go with our camouflage US Army Special Forces ACU hat or our khaki colored Special Forces OD hat with embroidery on the front and bill. These hats pair nicely with our US Army Special Forces shirts.