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4th Armored Division

4th Armored DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a large selection of items for the 4th Armored Division. The 4th Armored Division was created in 1941 in preparation of the United States entry into World War II. The division moved to England in 1944 for the invasion of France later that year. The 4th Armored Division landed at Utah Beach on D-Day plus 5, July 11th. The division first entered combat on July 17th and would see until the end of the war. The division participated in several major battles including Operation Cobra, the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Arracourt. After the war the 4th Armored Division remained in Europe in an occupational role before returning back to the US and being deactivated. The division was reactivated in 1954 and moved to Germany in 1957. The 4th Armored Division served on the front line of the Cold War in German until it was finally deactivated in 1971. Our selection of items for the 4th Armored Division items includes baseball caps, patches, pins and more.