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1st Marine Division

1st Marine DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a huge selection of items for the 1st Marine Division. The oldest and most storied division in the United States Marine Corps, the division has rightfully earned the nickname “The Old Breed.”

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The division has served in every major conflict the United States has fought since World War II. The first chapter in the 1st USMC Division came when they landed on Guadalcanal. Under equipped and under supplied, the men of the 1st Marine Division somehow managed to hang onto the foothold they held around Henderson Field. After several tough months the Marines had solidified their position and largely defeated the Japanese forces on the island. They were relieved and moved to Australia for rest and refit. The 1st Marine Division next sees action in 1943 in the areas of Eastern New Guinea and New Britain. After moving to Pavuvu for rest and refit the division would again launch an amphibious assault. The assault on the tiny island of Peleliu is one of the toughest every fought by the Marine Corps. The division fought for one month on Peleliu and suffered over 6000 casualties out of 19000 Marines in the division. The last action the division saw in World War II was at the Battle of Okinawa. This was another bloody and savage battle which took the Marines over two months to win. During the Korean War the division was again called on to perform an amphibious assault. The 1st Marine Division landed at Inchon on September 15th, 1950 and saw near continuous action until the Armistice in July 1953. The division was sent to Vietnam in 1965 and fought for over 6 years of tough combat. The division played a key role in Desert Storm. The division had the task of assaulting the most heavily defended portion of Kuwait and helped liberate that country. The division has deployed many times to Iraq and Afghanistan in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
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