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3rd Marine Division

3rd Marine DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a large selection of items for the 3rd Marine Division. The “Fighting Third” is one of the active divisions of the United States Marine Corps and has a long and proud history including its service in World War II and the Vietnam War. The division was formed in 1942 and saw combat for the first time in September of 1943 during the Battle of Bougainville. The division next saw combat in July of 1944 in the Battle of Guam. The combat on Guam lasted a bloody 21 days before the end of Japanese resistance. The division stayed on the island until the division sailed to Iwo Jima for one of the bloodiest and savage battles in Marine Corps history. The 3rd Marine Division was initially used as the combat reserved but was quickly sent into combat as the units already on the island encountered stiff and savage resistance. Iwo Jima was the last combat the division would see during World War II. The division was deactivated for seven years after World War II and was reactivated in 1952. It next saw combat in 1965 when the division was sent to Vietnam. It served in Vietnam for 4 years, taking part in many important operations. Twenty 3rd Marines of the 3rd Division were awarded the Medal of Honor while in Vietnam. The division moved in 1969 from Vietnam to Camp Courtney in Okinawa Japan where it is currently based. Our selection of items for the 3rd Marine Division items include shirts, baseball caps, patches, lapel pins, decals, flags and more.