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24th Infantry Division

24th Infantry DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a large selection of items for the 24th Infantry Division. The famed “Victory Division” has a proud battle history including service in World War II, Korea and Desert Storm. The division was formed during World War II and saw extensive combat throughout the Pacific Theater. Having been based in Hawaii, the division first saw combat against the Japanese on December 7th, 1941 when the Japanese attacked Hawaii. The division next saw combat in 1944 when it made an amphibious landing in New Guinea. The division fought for months on New Guinea until the end of Japanese resistance and then stayed in New Guinea as an occupy force until October 1944 when it was sent to participate in the invasion of the Philippines. The division saw combat for almost 6 months in the Philippines and participated in the invasions of Leyte and Luzon. The division stayed in the Philippines until the end of the war when it was sent to Japan as an occupying force. The 24th Infantry Division stayed in Japan until 1950 when it was rushed to reinforce UN troops fighting against the North Korean invasion. The division would stay in Korea for almost 3 years spending most of that time in combat. Over the next 40 years the division was post to Germany, Fort Riley and Fort Benning. It was reorganized as a Mechanized Infantry Division in 1979 and sent to Saudi Arabia in 1990 in Operation Desert Shield. The division was apart of the 18th Airborne Corps during Operation Desert Storm and served as the corps heavy armor unit. Our selection of items for the 24th Infantry Division includes tee shirts, golf shirts, baseball caps, patches, pins, decals, challenge coins and more.