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9th Infantry Division

9th Infantry DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a large selection of items for the 9th Infantry Division. The 9th Infantry Division was created in 1918 as the United States was fighting World War I. The division was not deployed overseas for that war and was deactivated after the war was won. Twenty year later when the United States was again on the brink of war the 9th Infantry Division was reactivated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The division was sent overseas in 1942 and saw its first action in Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa. The division stayed in North Africa until the surrender of the German Afrika Corps. It was then sent briefly to Sicily and then to England to prepare for the invasion of Fortress Europe. The 9th Infantry Division landed on D-Day plus 4, June 10, 1944. The division saw combat until the German surrender on May 8, 1945. The division stayed in German as an occupational force until 1947 when it was returned to the United States. The 9th Infantry Division next saw combat in Vietnam in 1967. The division operated primarily in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, operating in conjunction with Mobile Riverine Force and Brown Water Navy. The division returned to the United States in 1972 and was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington until it was deactivated in 1992. Our selection of items for the 9th Infantry Division includes tee shirts, golf shirts, baseball caps, decals, patches, lapel pins, challenge coins and more.