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3rd Infantry Division

3rd Infantry DivisionPriorService is proud to offer a huge selection of items for the 3rd Infantry Division. Our selection if great for active duty as well as retired soldiers who served with the “Rock of the Marne.” This motto for the 3rd Infantry Division was earned with the division’s service in France during World War I. The division returned back to the European Theater of operation during World War II. The first action the division saw was when it landed in North Africa. The division then landed in Sicily and continued the Allied attack up the Italian Peninsula. The division landed in Southern France and saw combat in France and Germany until Germany surrendered in May 1945. The 3rd Infantry Division was sent to Korean and saw combat for most of the Korean War. A few years after the Korean War the 3rd Infantry Division was sent to Germany and was stationed on the front lines of the Cold War from 1958 till 1996. The division was moved back to the United States in 1996 and is now stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. In 2003 the division was moved to Kuwait and then lead the invasion of Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The division has deployed to Iraq many times and has also been deployed to Afghanistan to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom.

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